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Quit Smoking

How many of these questions can you answer Yes to?

  • Do you hate the way your hair and clothes always smell?

  • Do you have a persistent and irritating 'smokers cough'?

  • Do you hate being out of breath from doing the simplest things?

  • Do you feel annoyed when you "need" that cigarette first thing in the morning or after dinner?

  • Are you conscious of your yellowing teeth and fingers?

  • Have you noticed that your skin is ageing prematurely?

Your current future

See yourself now as a smoker five years in the future....Gasping and wheezing as you climb the stairs...having no energy and no vitality....Every time you get a cold it seems to linger for longer and longer....Your conscious of the vile smell on your clothes and in your hair...Your nicotine stained fingers and teeth.....The list is endless.

About 100,000 people in the UK die each year due to smoking and smoking-related diseases. Is it really worth introducing into your body more than 4,000 different chemical compounds - many of them deadly poisons – to see if you manage to avoid being yet another fatal smoking statistic?


Your smoke-free future


You can have a smoke-free future. You can stop have been a non-smoker before you smoked that first you can do it again. Your subconscious mind knows and remembers this.You will have more energy and vitality; have more confidence and self esteem; feel motivated to become fit and healthy....and of course save huge amounts of money from not buying packets of cigarettes.

How can Hypnotherapy help?


The decision to stop smoking has to be accepted by both the conscious and subconscious mind to achieve success. In hypnosis your subconscious mind is reprogrammed to help eliminate the desire or need to smoke. The subconscious mind is a vital part of the equation, as permanent changes can only take place at the subconscious level.

If you don't take positive action and book your session today, where will you be a year from now?


Still struggling...hundreds or thousands of pounds gone up in smoke, literally....and ever increasing your chances of developing a smoking related disease.  So if you really want to quit smoking, you have nothing to lose by trying my Quit Smoking Session - it has helped so many people continue their lives smoke-free...and I'd like you to be next.  Quit trying to Quit....and Quit once and for all.

FREE 30 minute initial consultation


This is available to discuss your particular problems or issues, learn more about how Hypnotherapy can help you to quit smoking and to answer any questions. You are under no obligation to proceed with therapy afterwards.

Therapy session fee: 

One session (up to an hour and a half


Included in this price is a CD specifically written for you, designed for you to listen to once a day for 2 weeks after your hypnotherapy session, or as and when you feel you may need a motivational boost.

So you've made the decision to Quit what happens next?

​Get in touch - we can then arrange for you to come along and have a free consultation. I will ask you a series of questions about yourself and your smoking habit. This is for me to learn about you and your habit and discuss why you want to quit.

Based on this information, I will then write a specifically designed programme for you. Most people find they are able to stop smoking after just one hypnotherapy session.  Also included in the price is a CD with your personal Quit Smoking programme on, for you to listen to each day after your hypnotherapy session, as and when you feel you need a motivational boost.  I am always at the end of the phone and here to help you all the way into beating the habit.

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